Celebrating Benny’s Birthday back in June
Line dancing at Benny’s party.
Watermellon Dance Aug 1, 2019
Red, White, & Blue Dance July 4
Roadrunners at National Convention in Atlanta
Tie Dye Dance June 20
Roadrunners at Texas State Convention June 15
Pirates Dance June 6
Our very own Bob singing at Casual Memorial Day Dance May 27
May 18 Trail Blazer Anniversary Dance
Nelda Eaton calling Sadie Hawkins Dance
Club Picnic May 4 At the Hennessey’s
Club Picnic
KO Jeanes calling for Festa Fiesta May 2

Bob getting Birthday Hugs at Lessons
Bird in the Cage By Toby at Lessons
RoadRunners Square Dancing in Mission, TX
Brad Caldwell calling our Super Bowl Dance.
Mike Bramlett teaching our first lesson of 2019
16 RoadRunners went to Waco for Winter Fest. We had a GREAT time.

Tim Tyl calling Jan 3, 2019